Welcome to my NEW world! 🙂

For years, I have always been bugging my heart and mind to WRITE.  Just share my thoughts, feelings, ideas and then put up a blog. Back then, I’ve asked myself repeatedly if it will not be that easy. Or at least I knew. Working in a fast-paced & dynamic industry like telecommunications – I could only guess that my mind would not have been as relaxed; my thoughts would not have been as organized, and yes, TIME would not have been enough….as it is NOW!

Everything seems so much better if you only SMILE! 🙂 

I was so inspired scribbling down my thoughts, no matter how random they seemed to be –  wrote them down in  my small notebook  (which I have up to know) or in those giveaway notepads. 😀   I have also used  NOTES  in my laptop until it has been reformatted. Sadly, there was nothing left of it. No BIG deal!  I can always write and write. At this  very moment and even tomorrow; the day after tomorrow, and the  next few days, weeks & months!  I now have my own time to really just focus and enjoy writing…woohoo! 🙂  My not-so-secret passion for writing (and yes, blogging ) is FINALLY coming through!

What I could not share in a blog since I didn’t have one – I  filled-in easily with my Facebook  and Instagram accounts. Quite the longer than usual posts and a number of photos to boot. Oh, I just love doing my own “little” blogs in my FB & IG accounts. I guess it’s a good training ground – don’t you agree? 😉 Do you feel a little bit elated as the number of LIKES and COMMENTS on your “blog-like” posts keeps on trending for days, even weeks! And before you know it – you eagerly await for another amazing and unfamiliar content. You are now raring to write another post about it!  Such is social media – the attention span of your audience is instant, uncertain & fast. You look for the next interesting posts. Scroll up & down! Unlike BLOGS! They’re pretty much attached with you for LIFE. Like true LOVE. Awwww….cheeeeesy! 😀

This blog is not all about ME,  my dear husband or our life as a couple together. Simple joys everyday…priceless memories…candid, happy moments…blessings too good not to be written about & shared. More of the happy, positive stuff actually.

I hope this blog  will make your day  a little better. Will give you a bit of a smile as you read, while keeping  you interested & engaged till the end. I would love to hear from you, too! 🙂 Yes, yes! Let’s see how this goes! Would you excuse (or rather forgive) me as I continue to learn the nuances of blogging. There’s really plenty of TIME for that! Duh! 😉

Have a happy life!

Proverbs 31:10 "An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels."