What a relief and joy it is  to be able to write anywhere…anyhow..anytime as long as you have the essentials : wifi, laptop, pen, notebook & coffee  – not necessarily in that order. Or better yet, have a reliable smartphone and unlimited mobile data and you’re all SET!

Before it  was just pen & notebook and you have to go some place where there’s picturesque landscape – be it mountains, rivers, beaches,  trees, flowers or stones.  The list is endless! Something green, blue or white!  Peace and tranquility. As if the sound of the gushing  water from the rivers or the chirping of the birds in silence can lull and put anyone to ahhhh….ONE writing moment! Those were the days!!!!!

As they say, this is the DIGITAL AGE. Everyone’s ONLINE. Everyone you know has maybe one, two or ALL of these accounts – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The world’s getting smaller and people really get to be more & more clingggy and craazzzyy  with this social media. Ehemmm. You can’t STOP it…or would you dare?

And you need not have those nature trips now. All you want is actually a cup of coffee. 🙂 Or headphones. Or an application in your laptop or smartphone to get you by. Don’t you miss the writing of the old? The traditional “pen-and-paper” push thing! A writer needing some sort of an awesome inspiration – be it a person, a thing or a memory! I hope there are still a number of these kind of writers in the world TODAY.

Some things are so different now.  Just like that frappe or latte you always seem to crave to be able to write. It’s a MUST!  Haha!  Is it the caffeine? Or perhaps the smell of the aroma  of the coffee you’re after. Might be the “cafe” ambiance where you can catch most people doing their own quirkiness, whether alone or in a group.  Whoa! 🙂 That’s a good starting point!  Who knows? Some of those around you sipping that cup of cappuccino or mocha or americano can be YOUR inspiration. So much better than the COFFEE  itself, eh? 😀  Look around the cafe next time you are there for some  writing. There might just be someone to inspire you…hmmm! Sounds exciting! Whatever….just WRITE! 🙂

Have a happy life!

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu