I must admit I am more of a night owl than a morning person. Yes, I am!

mornings in our garden

But whenever I wake up feeling refreshed, recharged and on-the-go (unexpectedly even for most of the time when I sleep very late the night before) mornings are the BEST! They say the MORNING will gear you up for the day.  What is your game plan? 🙂 You need to have a positive & inspired mindset to start this brand NEW day. Be open to pleasant surprises ( yes, I know this is not always the case). Whatever your  mood  is, it is BEST to get going…and going…and YES, moving forward to have SWEET & BRIGHT mornings! 😀

Here are  the NINE THINGS I usually do to make my mornings brighter & sweeter ( oh well, most of the time,  that is…) :

  1. STRETCH – As soon as I OPEN my  eyes ( or if I’m still half-awake) – the thing to really make me get  out of my bed and prepare for the day is to do  simple stretching of  arms  and legs. Even if I’m still in my pajamas or nightshirt. 🙂
  2. PRAY – A prayer of THANKS to GOD  for giving me another day is a MUST. It sets the right tone & pace for me for facing the day ahead. I specify what I would ask for that DAY  in my daily prayer. Of course, it helps if I know my scheduled activities for the day. I also usually read on BIBLE verses to clear my mind of any negative thoughts. It really helps! 🙂
  3. DRINK a GLASS of WATERAfter about 6-8 hours of sleeping, one will feel dehydrated upon waking up. I am NO exception. A glass of cold water it is for ME! Water helps rid our body of toxins and aids in digestion. Improves metabolism and immune system.
  4. ENJOY a “ME” TIME ( for a few minutes ) This is my FAVORITE thing to do. I just sit alone in our porch overlooking our small garden. Just stare at space. Mentally picture what my day will look like. You can also do this in your deck, den or kitchen or any portion of the house or wherever you prefer. It doesn’t matter. Just try it! 🙂
  5. WALK AROUND Get a dose of the morning SUN! I usually walk around the front garden in our house. Check for NEW blooms ( makes me happy 😀 ). I linger in the garden  for a while and just enjoy looking around. What a refreshing effect!  🙂
  6. READ POSITIVE STUFF – As soon as things are settling down, I go to my inspirational books. Open to a few pages to where I left off. You may also read on some positive & inspirational quotes, whatever your sources might be. This habit surely wakes me up to a happy & pleasant stance good enough for the day’s grind and challenges!
  7. DRINK a CUP of COFFEE Nothing beats a good cup of coffee to perk you up! Ahhh, the smell of coffee is something I couldn’t resist. :)🙂 I know some are not coffee-drinkers. So a cup of fresh milk or chocolate or a glass of fruit juice can also do the trick.
  8. EAT a DELICIOUS BREAKFAST – Early on in life, I was brought up by my parents NEVER to miss BREAKFAST. I am so blessed to have a husband who also believes in the same way. I love good, delicious breakfasts ( my husband makes mean fried rice, haha…. 😀 ). Be it pancakes or waffles, breads, toasts or sandwiches, rice meals, hash browns, cookies, cakes or pastries,  cereals, oatmeal or porridge, yogurt or fresh fruits. Breakfast is indeed my favorite meal of the DAY!
  9. CHECK CALENDAR or TO-DO List  – As you prepare for the day, it helps if you check on your calendar, review your plans and to-do-lists. Helps you become MORE focused, prepared and productive for the day. Nothing sucks like a disorganized and  overlapping schedule of daily activities!
wake up…drink coffee…choose happiness

So there you are! I know each one has his own quirks on how  mornings are supposed to go. No matter how  YOU do it, one thing should be kept in mind – as long as you enjoy doing it….GO! Your BEST   mornings will totally depend on YOU.  Mine? My kind of mornings are definitely SWEET and BRIGHT. Almost. Always. 😀


Psalm 30:5  "Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning."