Suddenly, the rains fall…the rains pour…the rains call. What do you most like about rains? Or do you hate rains?  Well, I love rains…but not the heavy ones though. I will never like storms or typhoons. Or whatever you call them. Just drizzles…rainshowers…big or small drops of rains to wash away a bit of  life’s monotony….or routine….or boredom, perhaps. Why do I love rains?!?  ( Hey, it’s raining as I write this NOW…. 🙂 )

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  • It makes me feel FRESH – Obviously. I know. And I like that (really do 🙂 ). Coming from a tropical country – the cold, nippy breeze brought by rains makes us feel COOLER and yes, pleasantly FRESH! With the hot, humid days which happen almost year-round, rains are surely some sort of a breather! Anytime. December to January and early February are considered our “winter-like months.” 🙂 Not really winter but we do experience very low temps at this time of the year, especially in some portions of the country like the cities of  Baguio or Tagaytay.  I would always WELCOME rains anytime of the day (or night).
  • It  gives me a perfect CUDDLE-UP DAY (or MOMENT) – Don’t you want to stay in bed in your pajamas a little longer. Or STAY in bed. Period. 🙂 Or you can watch your old, favorite MOVIES  again. Or check some good videos online. Be it in your bed or couch or sofa. A bowl of popcorn or some chocolate bars  are added treats as you binge on those movies or videos you’ve been longing to watch all along. Welcome to marathon movie or  TV series-watching! 🙂
  • It provides me the time to catch-up on my READING –  The old-fashioned way when it is raining outside is to read a GOOD BOOK.  All the time. Or get those books you have forgotten and kept in your shelves for a long time. Have a  cup of tea or coffee and some homebaked cookies to go with it. Whoa! 😀 Or you may  crave for a bowl of steaming soup or stew. It depends on what will set your mood to help you indulge and finish that book you’re after in one sitting.
  • It brings up HAPPY childhood memories Yes, like what we used to do as I played in the light rains with neighbors-playmates back when I was a small girl. We ran and chased each other until we were all soaking wet. That experience of walking and running without umbrellas or raincoats was just wonderful.  Ohhh, memories…FUN, FUN memories! Priceless!  😀
  • It allows me time for my CREATIVITY –  Write POEMS. Or make some MUSIC. Or try to do both. Or listen to old, familiar love songs. Sing along.  And yes, do some CRAFTS. Longtime projects that needed time and attention.   I know the rains may lull you to sleep ( and more sleep) and you can just be too lazy but your mind and heart can be up  also for doing some creative passions within you. 🙂
  • It affords me the pleasure to CHILL and just DO nothing  It’s okay to just sit on your front porch or open your windows wide and stare in space. Relax, just enjoy the breeze and listen to the sound of the rains as they fall. Reminisce good times. Plan for adventures ahead. Then, what’s NEXT?  Dance in the rain?  Nope. Maybe, look for rainbows after the rain?  I also love RAINBOWS.  But that’s another story! 😀

         Have a happy life!

"I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things. The world becomes softly blurred, and I feel like I melt right into it. "  
 - Hanamoto  Hagumi