Aaaahh, summer! 🙂 SUMMER brings us with a lot of happy & refreshing  images. SUN.  BEACH. OUTDOORS. NATURE. FRESH FRUITS. In the Philippines, we feel the BEST of summer in the months of  APRIL & MAY ( though most foreign tourists think that we are having summer all-year round). However, as FEBRUARY ends and MARCH comes, we can already feel the hot, dry days. Temperatures usually range from as high as 32-36 degrees Celsius or around 90-97 Fahrenheit. Yes, it also gets to be humid at this time so it’s kinda’ sweaty, too. Get the picture?!?!

FUN in summer also means  refreshing food to enjoy! I would always crave for a tall glass or a big bowl of HALO-HALO.  It’s a mixture of fruits and some sweetened ingredients. It’s fondly translated as “MIX-MIX”  in English. This is my ultimate summer  COMFORT FOOD! 🙂

It is quite easy & simple to prepare. You can do it at home. Some will go to a place which offers this as a dessert. Yes, it is usually classified as a dessert or a snack food in a restaurant or fastfood joint. In fact, a food chain here in our country is so popular because of their halo-halo. Perhaps even more popular than their main food fare.

All you have to do is layer all the ingredients in a tall glass or bowl. The usual measurement per ingredient is  (1) tablespoon. You may have 2 or more tablespoons if you like. Add sugar, if needed. Put the shaved ice and then pour the milk over it. You may or may not have the  toppings. But I prefer the one with toppings. The  one with no toppings is referred to as the “REGULAR” halo-halo while the complete one with the toppings  is “SPECIAL” halo-halo.

photo credit: Pinterest

Here are the ingredients :

No hard rules – you may skip one, two or three of the ingredients – your preference). The “must-haves” are the  shaved ice & evaporated milk.

  • shaved ice
  • sugar
  • evaporated milk
  • sugar palm fruit (kaong)
  • coconut sport (macapuno)
  • caramelized banana plantains (saba)
  • caramelized sweet potatoes
  • tapioca
  • gelatin (the bright colors will add to the texture)
  • sweetened corn kernels
  • pounded dried young rice (pinipig)
  • boiled sweet beans (red &/or white)
  • sweetened jackfruit ( can be : avocado, papaya, mango ( cut in cubes ) or   cherries)



Photo credit: Pinterest
photo credit: Pinterest
  • ICE CREAM – Any flavor but UBE or sweet purple yam is the MOST popular here ( my favorite -somehow it blends well with all the other ingredients…)

In fact, Anthony Bourdain (a popular American chef, author and TV personality) had a taste of this halo-halo in one of his food trips when he was in the area where a popular Filipino fastfood joint is. In the CNN news, halo-halo is described as a dessert consisting of red beans, white beans, Jell-O, chick peas, coconut , shaved ice and flan. As Bourdain further said, “It makes no goddamn sense at all. I love it.” He called halo-halo as “oddly beautiful. “

Anyone who wants to try to make one? All you really have to do is to mix all ingredients. MIX. LAYER. EAT. Easy as 1-2-3. ENJOY!!!!!

You will definitely LOVE it…you will be in good company. 🙂


"I dream of summers that last forever....."