Husband and I are celebrating our 19th year of marriage TODAY.  Wow – has it been that long?  Next year will be a milestone (and I realize now that EVERY YEAR should be considered a milestone – ‘right?!). Because year in and year out is an ACCOMPLISHMENT!

We really made no plans for today. Quite different this year. We are starting the day with a morning walk around our village. Have to stash-off those calories from too much feasting the past 4 days.  A delayed celebration is always a good idea though. I am always an optimist! 🙂

So, I decided I will  write something about the HUSBAND and OUR MARRIAGE…and US. Such a difficult topic. Loss for words. Haha! 😀  No marriage is perfect. Love always prevails. Love may be blind but marriage is a real eye-opener. Shheesssh!

Came up with these 2 questions to help me out. There are 10 things we DO BEST together and 9 things that we DON’T SHARE.

All answers, 19 of them –  hopefully will sum up what our 19 years is all about. Ready? 🙂




“There is only ONE happiness in life – to love & be loved.” – Tokyo, JP Nov2016

1) We celebrate our quirkiness and differences together.

Husband & I have different strokes, different quirks.He is the organized, meticulous one (leaning towards a little “OC-ness” – and he will resent this…) I always tell him that it’s good once in a while to just LIVE in the moment. Let the events take their course. It will happen if it’s meant to happen. Don’t dwell too much on a plan as this is not infallible all the time. Sometimes, the unplanned  gets to be the most enjoyable and most loved. After 19 years, we’ve managed to get by on this area.

 2) We THANK GOD for each other.

Despite our imperfections & weaknesses, LOVE keeps us together and we always thank GOD for this. We always consider our marriage a blessing.  Do you also feel the same way? Do you think that the greatest gift God gave to you is YOUR spouse?  I fully AGREE!  🙂

3) We PRAY for each other.

At the end of the day, we are husband and wife and we have a commitment to GOD to    love, respect, trust, and support each other no matter what. Husband and I always pray for each other, not only during rough times but more so  in happy times. We pray for important family decisions. We pray for our families on both sides. We pray for even the simplest activities we will go through together in the day. And we pray for traveling mercies and protection in our travels all the time, more so  if one is without the other.

4) We GIVE TIME to each other.

Making TIME for the people you care and love is priceless. Especially if both the husband and wife are working and living out their respective careers. When husband & I were  still working, we usually have our FRIDATES (every FRIDAY activities after office ) – could be a dinner or a coffee date or just lounging in the mall. Now that we are both retired from corporate work, we are ALWAYS together – at home, in the mall or wet market, salon, coffee shop, etc. So any day is a DATE, haha!  😀 Having your SPOUSE with you 100% of the time – 24 x 7. Kinda’ overwhelming?  I don’t think so. We also have our OWN tasks and projects, even at home. We do our own individual activities. I spend my  “ME” time much as he also has his own “ME” time. Of course, we have a lot of “WE” time these days and no complaints so far!

5) We LAUGH together.

Not only do we share each other’s pains, but we always take time to laugh together. We share jokes that only the 2 of us can understand and therefore laugh at. We shared so many boo-boos in our 19 years that when we try to look back at them, we smile and laugh our hearts out. ( Hint: is very good in directions, while I’m not ). So much time in our travels is sometimes spent on looking for each other. The culprit? Most of the time, it’s ME. I think I need a gold chain to attach to husband’s hand so I will not get lost…. in translation…yes, most recent episode was in Tokyo, Japan last year. Wheeewww, memories, memories! 😀

6) We EAT together.

Yes , we are self-confessed foodies by heart. We usually try out new restaurants around our city and when we travel, what we are usually excited about is the FOOD that the city or country offers. Nothing fancy – we can eat just like the locals do. Can be fastfood, in a hotel or a nearby café or sidestreet…as long as it’s good food we will always TRY and ENJOY.

7) We SHOP together. 

Is this a question?  😀 Of course, not!  Husband hates crowded malls  – he prefers the strip malls or souvenir shops. But he’s very good in spotting bargains and for a time beat me on that! Yes, it was in Oregon, USA  about 2 years ago where he bought a watch at maybe 80% off the price. And another discount to boot after that. Such a steal! 🙂 And he knows that if I needed MORE time to shop – he retracts in a corner and just waits for me to finish my spree. Poor husband as I am a very picky shopper and he waits for at least 30 mins. Record time maybe is 2 HRS max.

 8) We TRAVEL together.

Husband is my BEST and WORST travel buddy. Every trip or adventure that we’ve taken has its own special charms that we always fondly look back together. We tend to forget the “not-so-pleasant” memories. Just focusing on the happy, unforgettable moments! We both love to make our OWN itinerary and seldom join pre-arranged tours unless it is the ONLY option left for us. H’s forte is on the study of the maps, directions,  the planning and  listing of the places to visit per day to maximize our time  while I take over all hotel and plane bookings. So far, so good! 🙂

9) We SLEEP ( and snore 😀 ) together.

Yes, we sleep together even if we didn’t end the day loving each other. Ha! These were a few times. One of us would sleep ahead of the other. Usually ME. And yes, we BOTH snore ( oh, the secret is out 😀 )  and I guess this is a good measure of our LOVE for each other because after all these  years, in all humility, we have not fought once with THIS issue. Hehe. We are both honest enough to admit that the OTHER snores louder than himself. 🙂

10) We are looking forward to GROW OLD together.

Every now and then, we take a MOMENT to look in the future. Dream of what we will be doing in our 60s or 70s and even 80s, if God wills that we will still  be together.   We know that GOD has great plans in our lives and this makes us realize that we can still serve Him and still feel the love and goodness in EACH other, even in our twilight years.


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1) We don’t share a BATHROOM. YESSSS!!!! 🙂

2) We don’t share passwords with our ONLINE   social media accounts. (Oh well,  Husband has no FB, IG, Twitter and Pinterest accounts to begin with like I do 😀 ).

3) We don’t share a love for COOKING.  (Husband is the wanna-be chef, I cook  sometimes…*wink*).

4) We don’t share a love for MUSIC. ( I am the frustrated singer, but Husband is continuously learning to sing…. ).

5) We don’t share a love for DOGS. ( Husband just adores his dogs – he had for the longest time 2 Labrador retrievers and 1 German rottweiler as best friends but are now in dog heaven. At present, he has 1 French bulldog and 2 German short-haired pointers as his “other loves.” These “other loves” would always bark fiercely at me as if they are jealous all the time! 😀 ).

6) We don’t share the same taste for MOVIES or TV SHOWS.  ( I like to watch good Filipino films and TV show series. Romance comedy stories, mostly.  Husband dislikes them).

7) We don’t share the same TASTE for FOOD in some ways ( I can eat a bit of SPICY food but H will NEVER try. Spiciest food will make him sweat…a LOT! He hates that! But admittedly, we both love SWEETS…anytime! That’s why we’re too sweeeeet! Hmmm! 🙂 ).

8) We don’t share the love for CROWDS. ( Husband hates crowded restaurants, crowded malls, crowded places. I love crowds and can always get through if I want to everytime. He is usually in his element if we are the ONLY customers in a restaurant and we get the FULL attention from the waitstaff).

9) We don’t share the love for SAME DESIGN or STYLE  ( H goes usually for the straightforward, conventional and simpler, traditional style/design. I am more of a risk-taker – goes for the uncommon, experimental and non-conventional stuff. Could it be because H used to be an insurance professional?  Always on the safe side. Maybe not. 🙂 ).

So there! Quite a long LIST for now. Hello, 20 years? Or 25 years? 30 years? For those who are married,  can you relate with a few or some of these things?  Can you share some of your interesting answers to these 2 questions?  Would be glad to hear from you.  I’m sure each one can learn a thing or two. 🙂

Have a happy life!

Marriage is a gift from GOD to us. The quality of our marriage is a gift from us to HIM. - L.Whitney Clayton