Ever wondered what makes LIFE as it is…simple, celebrated and just magical? 🙂  Not the BIG stuff ( in some ways, yes…) but it’s really the SMALL, undefined and nameless moments that will forever have the softest spot in our minds, souls & hearts♥. Those of the kind where heartwarming moments bring you to a SMILE (maybe, laughter & other emotions in between) as you reminisce…or just ponder over them TIME and TIME again! 🙂


I ‘d like to share some of these precious “small moments” in my life.  Starting off with…

photo credit: Pinterest

As a little girl – I used to play outdoors a LOT (there were no trendy “gadgets-slash-smartphones”  then….oooppps, giving away my AGE, hahaha…). There was no such techie stuff to keep me glued to my seat all day long! I took such a fancy on flying creatures like grasshoppers & dragonflies in our garden or the neighbor’s (are there still flying dragonflies and grasshoppers  today…sigh?!?) My summer days were spent on catching these insects (what animal group do they belong?)  and putting them eagerly on small bottles with some grasses inside. You know, natural habitat. 😉  Well, after a few hours, with a little sadness & misgiving –  I will let them fly out in the open (in the same spot in the garden I took them) as I could not bear seeing them that way any LONGER! 😦  All trapped and held captive by ME. Haha! 🙂 This must be why I love Biology back in our  2nd year  High School (I know I do – just  loved all those living things we studied in our lab 🙂 ). Summer memories!!!! 😉

I had a small group of friends back in high school ( “barkada” as we call it to the milleanial-ish term of “squad” now 🙂 ) and whenever we celebrated birthdays and had free time like after periodical exams, we frequented an ice cream parlor not far from our school ( we would ride a bus and traffic was unheard of then in Manila ) and what do you know?!? Many years after, this small place where we used to hold birthdays and exam-free celebrations was the very 1st store of what turned out to be the largest food chain in the country. A real homegrown brand that Filipinos are really proud and fond of ( the one with the BEE logo 😀 ). For the Filipinos, I know you all know what I am referring to. Yum! Yum!  *wink*

My Mom would always call me up in my office almost everyday ( my very 1st job) just to REMIND me to go home early and be careful on my way home. Typical mother. ♥♥♥ My colleagues used to tease me…..and oh, they were quite mean! 😀  They would tell me, “How can you have a boyfriend?”  or “Your Mom is so strict, you’re old enough and you’re working!” I didn’t mind them. Oh, I love how my Mom loves me THAT way!  But now, the reverse is happening. I am the one who calls  up Mom almost every week sometimes even 2x a week (she’s 82 and stays with my sisters in Manila). I check on her – health, activities, or  we talk about just anything under the sun – even OLD, OLD stories! Ha!  At times, we will talk for long – maybe 30 minutes;  on other days – we would only talk short for maybe  just  2 or 3 minutes depending on her mood and if it’s time for her favorite TV shows, or  she has some chores to do. But ALWAYS, ALWAYS all the time – I cherish those phone calls, however ordinary or trivial they may seem to be. Or, on special family occasions, we use Facetime or FB’s Live video chat. Of course, Mom gets a little help from my nieces – all millenials! 🙂

I usually enjoy my morning walks because EACH DAY is different! It is never BORING! I love admiring the gardens and blooms around as I walked past the many houses in our village. There are a FEW times where I would stop and  meet the homeowners. Without sounding intrusive,  I would always initiate conversations with them ( or sometimes they do first…whichever) and I would always  let them know I ADMIRE and LIKE  their gardens. What follows usually is ME asking them the names of the plant/s  or flower/s  I am interested in 😉 ( woohooo….”the moves” ). More often than not,  I get to bring home some of their plant & flower cuttings (with matching “how-to-care-for” TIPS). How can it not get BETTER than that, huh?!?!  Some of these plants are thriving beautifully NOW in our OWN garden and I have to thank our friendly and kind neighbors!  So, you see what walking can do – FREE beautiful plants! The small talks that I love doing with new friends somehow makes me look forward to my morning walks! 🙂

 While watching TV, Husband will get the “remote thingy” and scroll down to ALL  channels until he sees what he likes. He does that every time we are together in the living room where our big TV is until….. I will leave quietly and go up  to our bedroom where I can watch on my own or do something else instead. Haha! He’s the HEAD & MASTER of the house ( and he watches TV very seldom) so I always GIVE IN! I am a VERY loving and submissive wife  (and a believer of Ephesians 5:22-24). Lest you forget – we do NOT share the same taste for the genre of TV shows and movies. Different strokes for different folks! 🙂

the souvenir necklace I got from Coulterville 🙂

This was during one of our travels – Autumn of Year 2014 when Husband and I went on a sweet, unforgettable tour of West Coast, USA to celebrate his retirement after 26 years! We started off at Los Angeles going up to Seattle (in almost 4 1/2 weeks with Hubby driving the entire time –  with many states & cities,  famous & unheard of sites, a number of stops and reunions in-between).We were driving along Highway 49 coming from Mariposa and going up to Lake Tahoe when we chanced upon this “old west”  town. It turned out be Coulterville and we decided to check on it  as we saw some old structures & stuff on the road. For one, the structure that struck me was “Hotel JEFFERY” – a 2 or 3-storey simple, plain-looking hotel in green & off-white colors. It was a landmark! There was also a vintage locomotive that had been used for ore for the mines that we found along one of the streets. Took some pictures there! Next thing, we went to their History & Museum Center for a much-needed break. We had to stretch our legs! 🙂 We met their docent – an old, lady with the most disarming smile. 🙂  She looks like my grandmother, Lola Vi.♥ She was old ( in her 90’s but doesn’t look one), very friendly and warm! We talked a bit about their town & what their people usually do for a living while Husband and I shared some stories about our trip. We went around the museum which was pretty interesting and picked up & bought some souvenirs. All the relics and photos were from the local area from the “gold rush” era. We felt that we had stepped back in time a century or two! As we were about to leave, the old lady asked what country we are from. She pointed to the world map displayed on her side of the counter and looked for our country, the PHILIPPINES.  Oooopps, we helped her on checking and finally reached the location in the map.  She got a colored tacking PIN and placed it on the spot! Yay!!! 🙂 We were the very 1st Filipinos to visit their museum and we were kind of surprised. Whaaattt? We also wrote our names on their GUEST BOOK. How cool is that? 🙂  Quite humbling! Proud AHA moment for US!♥ Someday, I would love to go back again to this place and explore it away more deeply! It was a precious MOMENT indeed!  🙂


There are MANY, MANY  more of these moments…..these are some of my favorites! 🙂 Maybe I can have a PART 2 of this post in the future. Are you up  for it, guys? I know each one has these nameless moments kept in their hearts ♥. Would love to hear your stories!  Just don’t keep them – SHARE them! 🙂  Let us ALL learn and celebrate these priceless, heartwarming SMALL, UNDEFINED moments! It is what makes LIFE so BIG…so BEAUTIFUL and so much to  LIVE for! ♥ 


"The best portions of your life will be the small, nameless moments you 
spend smiling with someone who matters to you!" 🙂