I just love weddings….and I love attending weddings! Who among us doesn’t? 🙂  Been there, done that!?!  Each wedding is unique in each own. A matter of taste and wishes. But we can’t deny  – something about weddings inspires our hearts. Being “overwhelmed with emotions” is truly an understatement! 🙂

In a span of 2 weeks recently, I was able to witness 2 weddings, quite alike  but different in many ways – one that has been tested through time, that is, 25 years! A SILVER celebration as many will call it. The renewal of vows came  at the most PERFECT time (as wife already reached the summit of her career and about to retire from the corporate world…) as she said, “Thank you (to the hubby) for letting me fly for 25 years, in the next 25 – it’s my turn to serve, love and care for you.” How heartwarming can that be! ♥♥♥  The other one – is where both the groom and bride will just be starting on an entirely NEW journey, a NEW life together –  as the couple promised to  have and  to hold, in sickness and in health…for better or for worse….and you all know what’s next. 😉

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I must admit feeling the same level of excitement as I think of the days approaching before the 2 weddings. Hubby was saying it is as if  I am ACTING that I am the would-be bride”!!! Haha! 😀  I guess it is because it was my very 1st time to attend a SILVER wedding and I looked forward to it. Hey, 6 years to go before ours but maybe we will just have a “simple” celebration by that time (hint…*wink*).  The only time I attended one  was the 50th or GOLDEN celebration for my grandparents on father’s side. I was just 12 or 13 then, many, many moons ago! 🙂

For the 2nd wedding – I am doubly excited as I’m seeing a friend fulfill her dreams of marrying a man whom she loves & loves her back even MORE, putting into LIFE finally her most cherished dream wedding. It was the PERFECT TIME, too for them. It has been planned earlier and Summer of 2017 was meant for it to happen. It was such a beautiful culmination of a LDR ( or Long-Distance Relationship ) and the GRAND prize that they received from all the sacrifices going through a “so near, yet so far” relationship. 🙂 I certainly know how it felt. I, myself is a product of LDR and I guess when you get to the point of marrying your THE ONE – the more it becomes a joyous, pretty ecstatic and a much heartfelt MOMENT for you both having spent many previous milestones and occasions  in a highly-digital mode, or most of them online ( oh well, in my time – long distance calls over landlines is the way ( no facial expressions though, haha…) and snail mail is the thing. Until e-mail came in….BUT no social media yet to speak of, hoowww really SADDD, huhuhu…). 😀

Since we are on the subject of celebrating weddings – let me give you some BASIC tips on how to help you plan out  for the MOST SPECIAL day of your lives – not only for the ladies, but more so for men. Yup – men should also be prepared and geared up for THE BIG DAY!  After all, ALL eyes will be focused on BOTH the groom and the bride. It is really a “couple” celebration and admittedly, maybe the SPOTLIGHT is often ( if not always) on the BRIDE! That’s why they say “walking down the aisle” is one of the highlights in any girl’s life. She is at her “most beautiful and everything” in her wedding day! Oh yeah! 🙂

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With the social media lording it over us nowadays, you can’t help but make your WEDDING one that is worthy to be shared, appreciated and awed with much love and inspiration (and other gamut of emotions in-between). Something that will be remembered for a long, long time. Hey – it’s not something that is perfect but the LOVE that goes with it will be evident all the way.  The 2 weddings Hubby and I were able to attend would you believe have the SAME  videographers & photographers! What a coincidence, a pleasant one at that! Both had very creative and beautiful  “SDE” (Same-Day Edit) videos shown during the wedding programs….as well as pre-nup/pre-wedding and of course, the actual wedding still shots. In both occasions, the results were really awesome! BRAVO!!!!! 😀 What a great choice as I noticed that the people behind them were really very young guys. Awww. Must be a MILLENIAL thing-y! They’re really good, so creative and produced outstanding work. Top-of-the-line, to say the least! 🙂

So, let me just have a run through of a list on the most usual and general requirements for a wedding. Oh well, attending two weddings in a row doesn’t make me an EXPERT yet. Haha!  🙂

  • Hire a WEDDING PLANNER or EVENTS ORGANIZER. This is the way to go NOW. Of course, a part of your wedding budget will go here but usually the cost will outweigh the results. Bride and groom can relax a little bit and may do other important details as the BIG day approaches. Or if both are working, they may  just focus on their jobs first and attend to wedding matters when they’re off at work. Usually, the wedding planners  have the network of other major wedding vendors and/or suppliers. They have relationships and can probably give their insights and experiences on how they’ve dealt with them before. This is IMPORTANT as who wouldn’t want their wedding foolproof? The works of the wedding? These should be taken cared of and hiring someone to do it for the couple is one of the best decisions. Go for those who are professionals in this field and who have the best reputation and feedback from previous clients. You can never go wrong once you’ve shortlisted and chose the BEST of the BEST.
  • Have a THEME. At this time in our country, SUMMER is the theme that is apt – and both weddings lived up to it. The SILVER wedding has the pastel-floral theme with only the bride and groom in whites. The male entourage wore beige summer polos & khakis while the female counterparts were in their flowing, sheer floral gowns and donned summer flowers in their hair. The other wedding has the same “summery-slash-floral” theme with colors of green, white, teal, silver,  gray and “nature-ish” ambiance all over! The flowing tresses of green & white long stems & leaves hanging from the ceilings, the all-GREEN grasslike backdrop for the stage and photo booth with the wedding’s logo, ornate crystal chairs  and  lovely enormous  floral centerpieces made the venue a feast for the eyes, indeed! 🙂 How refreshing the sights and I love the vibe that go with it in both occasions! ♥
  • Decide based on the COUPLE’s PREFERENCES. – True. The couple have to decide on their BUDGET, first of all. From there, work on these 3 items first – DATE, VENUE and GUEST LIST, including  the ones who will most likely participate in the wedding rites  like the  Principal Sponsors or Witnesses and the Wedding Entourage. Of course, based on our Filipino tradition – family and relatives are TOP PRIORITY in this aspect of planning. Couples should have a “mutual” agreement and both sides of the families should be well-represented.

Other details to work on for the couple are as follows :

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Wedding Venue & Reception Bookings – whatever is the choice ( be it in a garden, a beach or a hotel, restaurant or clubhouse…)
  • Wedding Officiator – Priest or Pastor
  • Marriage License requirements
  • Wedding Outfits
  • Hair & Make-up Artist
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Vows & Special Messages to Parents ( if couple wants to have their own, personal vows to share with each other as well as their special messages to honor  their parents )
  • Wedding Rings
  • Florists
  • Caterers ( as the case may be )
  • Wedding Giveaways/Souvenirs
  • Wedding Program – band/musical instruments/flow of program/host/entertainment
  • Honeymoon plans & bookings

* These details can be shared with the planner/organizer who may suggest and recommend but of course, FINAL decision always will be based on the couple’s preferences or wishes. Some very good and useful  inputs are expected from the hired event planner/organizer based on their first-hand experiences. Oh, and don’t forget your wedding’s #HASHTAGS! This is a MUST for this generation’s weddings! 🙂

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Having said all of these, I guess the real work begins right AFTER the wedding. WORK on making the marriage WORK. 🙂 Needless to say, GOD should be at the CENTER of one’s marriage. Their ANCHOR as well. Always. PRAY, PRAY and just PRAY! As for the SILVER or GOLDEN celebrators, this is already something that they hopefully have within them. If not, 25 or 50 years may be too long – ‘right?  But marriage is always  a continuing journey of ADJUSTMENTS  whether you are just starting NEW or ANEW – it is both a GIFT and a CHALLENGE. Consider it a gift if making adjustments is just like breathing into air.  Once the challenges are overcome, marriage becomes a BLESSING! Heaven on earth, actually! 🙂

Planning to get married? Don’t think twice if you found the one TRUE love! ♥ ♥♥ There is no other way  but pursue it! √√√ GO for it and have a really cool,  fun and touching wedding ( did I mention also “social media-worthy”?!?! 🙂 ). Lest we forget, you MUST enjoy  a well-planned and unforgettable honeymoon afterwards, too! 🙂

Don’t you just LOVE weddings, time and time AGAIN?  I DO, I really DO!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

"Love bears all things,believes all things,hopes all things, endures all things...." 1 Cor 13:7