“The MOUNTAINS are calling, and so I MUST GO!!!!!” 🙂

This is certainly one of my favorite mountain quotes of all time. Who doesn’t want to see mountains? Some people prefer a lake, a river or maybe a sea or ocean over mountains. The soft ripples of the waters and the “blue-slash-green” hues calms them. Some would take the mountains or valleys, including terrains or rolling hills anytime. A matter of CHOICE, actually. I love BOTH. But I have to admit though that I am  awestruck with the MOUNTAINS a bit MORE than the bodies of water. I just love to see mountains – even glance at them from a distance. There’s just “something” about mountains that keeps me ALL glued to it every time! Kind of enthralled. Gives me peace, calm, tranquility. Oh, and it relaxes me…. it soothes my soul in a way that my heart flutters and my mind wanders.

So, the description of what a MOUNTAIN is to ME is actually TRUE. Geeeezzzz. 🙂

source: Pinterest

Some of the daring and thrill-seeking ones will not be content with just the “glimpse” or perhaps, the “shadows” or “shades” of the mountains. They would rather CLIMB and CONQUER the mountains. Always in pursuit to reach the SUMMIT. They want to reach the TOP. For what?

But many like myself will just be pleased and happy by looking at them. I know some are like me, too!  🙂

As one of my favorite song goes:

“…There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb….”

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Location: Te Anau, New Zealand

In LIFE – mountains are merely anything that we have to face day in and day out. Could be our families, our job, our marriage, our children, our church, sickness, our friendships and relationships, our fears or worries, our loneliness, and yes, aptly even our dreams and aspirations.

Do you have your OWN mountains – and how do you deal with them? I guess we ALL HAVE. But the thing is – if you want to climb your mountains – better be prepared for it! To be able to climb – we need a mindset that says “I CAN DO IT!” Scaling the mountains isn’t easy, dear. Who doesn’t want to FALL…and FAIL?  We all like to be winners or heroes somehow. Always.

We have our OPTIONS though. What do you want in LIFE? Do you want to climb with the summit in mind since they say the view from the TOP is the most beautiful thing? Gives you a certain indescribable HIGH. But of course, this takes the most “planning” and “preparation.” If you want to have a tough climb and be successful, then, be READY for it. Be FIT (as you would if you will literally climb a mountain). At times, preparation takes longer than the ACTUAL run, climb or goal. But if you want to succeed, you will do it.  Be armed with life’s experiences and lessons. Be skilled. Find strength in prayers. And FAITH. Yes, much of it. For how can you go on and on without your belief, be it in yourself, the people around you and more importantly, with GOD who reigns supreme ABOVE anyone and anything else?  If ever you encounter things that will block you off or get you out of focus, fight them off.  PRAY.  You are determined to reach the top, no matter what. A “never-say-die” attitude is a MUST. Patience is crucial. Oh, and it’s true that nothing, yes nothing, is  IMPOSSIBLE.  

Or do you want to just take it EASY?  Make the climb gradually while appreciating the views along the way – sort of scaling through life’s mountains in your “OWN” pace – no pressures. But hey, you are just going with the flow and whatever the outcome is, you are not to be disheartened, agitated or down. You know that life’s like that. REALLY like that. The important thing is you are doing your BEST. Same with LIFE – sometimes our “bests” are not enough. Sometimes we fall down, but every time we fall SEVEN times, we get up EIGHT times. A quip from a Japanese proverb. So much WISDOM there!

Or maybe, you would just rather stay in the sidelines – more of like waiting in the base camp where you just give your support and watch at how the others are being bold, fearless and awesome. These people fulfill their conquests with sweet victories. You are happy for them. Their winning is like your own. Some people are like that. They forego their own dreams or goals. Just happy to see others’ pursuits without even thinking of their own. They may not be as courageous. Or they do not want to take risks. They know they can do as well and maybe even better, but they rather not. Maybe there are limitations. Or they’re lacking somehow in love or support or maybe resources. Or there’s NO deeper self-motivation.  Or maybe they are just as delighted to have a GOOD rather than VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT.  Whatever it is, there’s nothing wrong as long as you feel it is not worth to sulk about. And you’re satisfied, happy and OK. That’s the MOST IMPORTANT. 🙂  

A MOUNTAIN will not be a mountain if it will not take your breath away. 🙂

They say that you need to FIND things that take your breath away – ‘right?

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A MOUNTAIN will give you the PUSH so that you will ascend towards it no matter what. You will wonder and wander. You walk, hike, run, cross rivers, climb and do more climbing until you find what you’re looking for. You drive and drain yourself out. Well, a view there atop with all those lovely clouds is certainly inviting and haunting. One MOMENT to cherish. One for the #bucketlist. 🙂  If you have a DREAM and you’ve worked hard to achieve it, the rewards surely outweigh all the sacrifices and efforts you went through.

Location: Saddleback Haven @ Davao City, Philippines

If you think a MOUNTAIN is not worth climbing, then this is perfectly fine. Just like in LIFE – you choose your own battles. And be at PEACE with it.

But if you know and feel that this CLIMB will be worth it, then, by all means – GO. FOR. IT.

You climb the MOUNTAINS so that you can SEE the world, not that the world can see YOU. Makes a LOT of difference.

Want to see the world?  MOVE mountains, perhaps! 🙂

 He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard  seed, you can say to this 
mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will 
be impossible for you."   ~ MATTHEW 17:20