About 3 months ago, I met my friend from way back. We met here in the  city where I live now. This is a “special friend.” Why? Aside from her being much younger than me 🙂  – there’s one thing I couldn’t forget about her. Guess what??? She actually went out of her way and sneaked to my wedding day very, very early in the morning of February almost 19 years ago, as she just wanted to see me on my special day. Geeezzz. Our wedding was an intimate one shared ONLY among family and a few close relatives. No friends have been invited on both sides to avoid missing out on ANYONE (but we made it up for them right after the wedding, ~wink~). I remember that time this friend showed up in my hotel room – my hair was being done and my face was being made-up. I was with my Mom. She stayed for a while and we talked a bit. Quite awkward, yes…. but I felt the love and support of this girl. Of course, it warmed my heart, too. ❤ Priceless moment indeed! One for the books!!!!! 🙂

Friends are like precious jewels. You care for them in a tender way yet you do not “hide” them forever in your jewel box or case. You “wear them lovingly” and “show them off” as you feel proud. You feel good wearing them –‘right? 🙂  I hope your friends are like that. They make you feel good. They make you feel proud. I believe it cannot be just ONE of you either – you need to share this feeling BOTH at the same time. For how can one be a “true” friend when it is just a ONE-WAY thing? Aaahhhh…true friends are indeed hard to find. And friendships are nurtured, taken care of, and most of all, treasured. It takes time for it to GROW! Just like plants, I guess.

Friends usually share a few things in common. Or MORE maybe. We build friendships first in our own community or neighborhood. Starting them small – even as early as toddlers, as our parents or nannies would attest. Our playmates in the park around our village. Our neighbors. Our parents’ friends’ kids. Our cousins. That’s why we have “childhood friends.” My childhood friends are our neighbors where summers were spent only by playing and lounging around – both outdoors or indoors, but more of the former. Did I say we practically spent the whole days outside the house doing all sorts of things? See, no gadgets to tinker with. All we have was NATURE then. Ooohh, those dayssss! 🙂 As we started going to school – we develop friendships with our classmates. From the early years in Nursery, Kindergarten or Prep School to Grade School up until our adolescent years in HS or High School. I guess that’s why the term BFFs or “Best Friends Forever” was coined. Or you may prefer calling them  TFFs or FFs“True Friends Forever” or plainly “Friends Forever.” Whichever way you like to call it –these terms of endearment aptly pertain to these people who’ve been with us the longest – like our childhood chums or buddies. We count here our classmates, seatmates and school bus mates. Or maybe our summer classmates in swimming, ballet, taekwondo or maybe some other sports we learned and trained for in our childhood years. Or perhaps, our choir batchmates in church.

What do we usually FEEL and DO when we come in contact again with OLD friends?

  • We HUG and FEEL the warmth of each other. Oh yeah,  it really feels SO GOOD to be in touch again! We always have that “special connection “with them that when we see each other again- it is as if it was just like yesterday. Notwithstanding the long years (or maybe just months or days….), it really, really DOESN’T MATTER.
  • We CHECK ourselves and say something about how we look NOW – maybe not as differently or a LOT more differently. But who cares? 🙂  Friends would tell us the nastiest things. But as they say – words are piercingly sincere  if they only come from the heart and spoken out of LOVE.  We all don’t mind as we have all matured and grown personally and professionally!

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Sounds familiar? Yes, typical of old friends —aside from questions like how “big” you’ve grown and how “pretty” you’ve become(ahem, haha..), a lot more demanding follow-up questions will surely crop-up.  Just about everything “different” from the way you looked before can be a “conversation piece!”  This is so true only if you’ve been away from each other for a loooongggg  time. School reunion? Alumni Homecoming? Annual Christmas Party?   Oh, these “small talks”  will be so familiar like:

…. “Your hair was kind of curly before?”     

.You were the shortest among us in class but you’re so tall now?”

.…”How come you look fairer now?!?”

And the LIST goes on….

( I remember in one of our HS reunions, a classmate quipped, “Hey Carina – you hair before was like golden corn in color  – what happened?” 🙂 Well, I responded – “Nope, it was chestnut brown actually!” Haha! 🙂  That answer also came from another classmate who I vividly remembered telling me that specific color back then, almost 35++ years ago – would you believe? ).

But in this social media generation now that we are in —  the way you look TODAY would seem not a “SURPRISE” anymore from those who have known you from way back and have not seen you at least ONCE  – unless you’re just an FB or IG lurker who doesn’t do any feeds or posts. But alas – your “selfie” posts or otherwise will give them an idea on how you are in no way similar or so much similar from your “younger” years…as long as you’re all friends on FB or you follow each other at IG. 🙂

  • We FEEL nostalgic – YES, about ANYTHING!!!!! We joyfully reminisce. We suddenly remember our crushes, the class bullies, the kind guys, the top students, the kinda’ different & the nerds and a few other interesting people who are really “talking points” for us!  But we always talk about them lovingly and in a good way….promise! 🙂
  • We feel that we are YOUNG again – Oh, yes – talking with your old pals  and giggling and laughing out loud for jokes and anecdotes you can ONLY share and understand among yourselves. There are quite a few stories worth sharing again and again! Even if you know what these stories are all about – you ALL still laugh! 🙂  We usually go back in time and start remembering DETAILS of unforgettable events, no matter how trivial they may seem….as long as these memories make our hearts skip a beat. ♥ ♥ ♥ There’s no better way than reliving all those experiences that we now treasure in our lives. Isn’t it  great to feel young all-over again? 🙂
  • We take PRIDE in what we’ve become — be it having climbed up the corporate ladder or having our own successful business or  worthy endeavors that have pre-occupied us through the years! Time comes when there will be talks not just of children but more passionately about grandchildren. Retirement comes in second also if you are at that period of your lives  and  you share on what keeps you all  busy and sane after the corporate years. Giving back to the community & church or volunteering and making yourselves available doing what you’ve wanted to do or pursue are expected topics of conversations, too. New-found passions. Travels. Investments.  Health concerns, medicines, longevity  – are such topics that won’t escape  you and your friend  in those  catch-ups as well.

I’m pretty sure there are a LOT more feelings or sentiments that we experience if we are with our good, old friends. We may even do a lot more crazy things than reminiscing! We may not see them for a long while but when we do, it is such a BEAUTIFUL moment! A piece of wisdom to ponder is that good friends are one of life’s greatest treasures. Sounding like an oft-repeated cliché but it is so true! With good friends, you feel secure. They’re there at your side and this means not just literally– you feel it even while time and distance set you apart. They’re attentive, they’re curious, they’re concerned and  interested on what have you been up to. You gladly share life’s joys, triumphs, milestones, inspirations and achievements. At the other end, you take part in each other’s burdens, sadness, moments of grief, disappointments or frustration. They will cheer you up no matter what.

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So, seeing your friends after a while makes us feel truly EXCITED – which brings me to this fact: we will be having our HS reunion in 2 ½ months celebrating our school’s golden year! It has been a well-planned activity with Batch ’92 leading the way. How will  these millennials going to slay it? I am extremely curious and very eager. Their teaser alone is impressive, sort of  nicely conceptualized and highly-digitized   – it looks like it’s going to be one memorable year in our school which used to hold this activity in the school grounds itself ( now, it will be in a more special place – in a “hotel venue”). It will definitely be something to look forward to as I will be seeing old, good friends ( “barkada” as our generation’s term was to the milleanialish term now of “squad” 🙂 ) and classmates & schoolmates again. Old friends are like GOLD, as some would say.  A golden year plus golden friends!  Such a “subtle” message  – no need to elaborate, hahaha!  Can’t wait for  this day!!!!! ❤


Have a happy life! 


      Proverbs 27:9..."Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the  
        sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel...."