One of the few simple joys of retirement is obviously being free from the daily grind. Well, maybe isn’t that the MOST that gives us (retirees) the joy!  🙂 That said – it just means that we have more TIME to spare. True???  No more morning rush, no hurried prepping up, and YES – no more 2nd, 3rd or 4th sleep episodes after the 1st snooze of the alarm clock beside you (…oh well, now there’s really no need for an alarm clock  to speak of, unless you have  a very early morning errand  to do and besides, waking up early NOW is not much of a problem….).

Morning rush aside – one of the BEST things I really enjoy these days  is basking in silence….in quietness. I guess those who know me as much would not believe it – ME?  QUIET?!!? Haha! Very rarely do I keep quiet. But it’s a fact that I enjoy this language of silence  any TIME of the day, more so now as I am free from the 8-5 job  (of course,  NOT  having so much of a specific daily agenda as  it is makes it a possibility…)  so such is the MODE when you practically have no  urgent matter that you are obliged to attend or do. It’s usually a “sit-in-space-slash-do nothing” peg for me and what is there not to love? 🙂

A few days ago,  I’ve had this episode where I kept still and quiet for maybe 2 hours straight – just   sitting on my favorite spot at our porch overlooking our front garden and the street outside and  I found out that:

…….” two birds kept hovering our “makopa” tree (or “tambis” as the locals call it) and they have built a nest somewhere in the upper portion of the big tree”;

…….”one of the many  tricycles passing by our street kept that blaring music playing  which can break any ones’ eardrums and boy, that music was really looooouuddddd ( I could   just imagine the agony of the passengers)” ;

……..”the 3 pots of our  citronella plants already need trimming as their leaves are now  long  & overlapping,” and so forth…..

Photo source : Pinterest

The time of being silent and quiet, being able to see, hear and feel a lot of things is probably one of the favorite past times I do anytime of the  day. Each episode is DIFFERENT.  It can stimulate all my senses yet it “quiets” my inner being.  Soothes my  soul as I hear myself and then think of  beautiful thoughts. Mostly.  Maybe related to what I see, maybe NOT.  It really doesn’t MATTER.

Some people have the notion that we can have a time of “stillness” only during the early part of the day – as the dawn breaks or just as the sun is beginning to rise. Of course, NOT! You can always enjoy the language of SILENCE and have it at your OWN time. Own PACE. Own SPACE.  Anytime.

How to enjoy the SILENCE and QUIETNESS  in your life ( I’m sure these are ALL very-familiar to you – really some of the simple and basic ways to do it) :

  • MORNING & NIGHT ROUTINES ~  For early-risers, MORNINGS are the best time. Suffice it to say that when you have a FULL schedule ahead of you during the day – it is best to adjust your sleeping time, say an HOUR earlier for you to wake up a little earlier, too. You can then squeeze some minutes for your “quiet time.”  For me, early mornings are the BEST. It’s that time to say our prayers, too – grateful for another day and asking for wisdom and strength from our Lord to go through calmly with all our activities for the day (week). Starting the day with a PRAYER certainly does wonders and puts me  in the RIGHT perspective to face the day’s challenges. Believe me – it will change your mood from  being a ‘grouchy’ to an ‘inspired’  and ‘energized’ one and who wouldn’t want that?  You tend to be more forgiving of the morning’s annoyances — the DAY simply is  just wonderful! 🙂 For  TIPS on waking up to brighter mornings, you may also read this previous post: waking up to my sweet & bright mornings.   For the night owls who can hold late nights very well, their  TIME at night is just as peaceful as in the early mornings. Turn away from any stuff that will hinder you from having the quiet time – gadgets, TV, books, caffeine and just bask in the  “silence” in your room (could be totally dark or not ) and enjoy!  🙂 But be sure that as you do this – you’re nowhere from   dozing off  to dreamland!  Falling asleep while keeping in silence! Hehe! 🙂 It’s so likely that you’ll have a good night’s rest  after  no matter what  – as you review how the day went – the highlights, the surprises and even the hindrances you’ve conquered  and  then you realize that there’s another day worth looking forward to AGAIN.  Life goes on. Tomorrow will be a lot bettteeerrrr!

  • NATURE TRIPS  ~ This is certainly one of my “favorites!” Communing with Mother Nature. ♥♥♥

    18870599_10213351240914314_1303008732_o (1)
    “…..enjoying the stillness of mornings at our little garden….”

    Oh well, it doesn’t have to be that far – could be in your own garden, in the park, along some trails in the woods or  some open, green spaces in your community. We need to escape once in a while from our house, school  or office – to get away from it all and looking to nature is certainly a good CHOICE. Some will go as far as climbing a mountain or going to  a lake, river or an island. How do you find the peace in nature?  Just stare at it. Period. But of course, you appreciate it and embrace all of its grandeur and beauty and thank the Giver. As you do this, let all positive and inspiring thoughts flow – enjoy the MOMENT – even the rustling of leaves from the trees  or the gushing of the water from the lakes or rivers around will lull one to lovely thoughts. Best feelings in the world – believe me! 🙂  ( Living in a city – aside from nature trips – you might as well check on other OPTIONS like national parks, public or private gardens, museums, art or any creative work galleries and even public libraries to also spend your time and enjoy the solitude – some of them are really  just FREE so you need not spend much – right?). 

  • READ, READ, READ ~ Who doesn’t want to read? Probably, each one has his own favorite book  that when you start to read it – you are lost in your ‘own’ world! 🙂   I love reading, especially when the weather is a little gloomy (or raining) as I sip down a cup of coffee. This can be anywhere else, too. Can be in the comforts of your own home ( your fave reading nook) or  a quirky coffee shop nearby. Or you may be up there in the hills, among the gardens or along the beach shores.  Or do it while on queue- waiting in a doctor’s clinic, in the airport or maybe in the mall when you’re already dead-tired from all the walking and shopping. Reading is a perfect way to keep silent that’s enjoyable at the same time.  Much to learn, too. Don’t you agree? 🙂
  • Have your own JOURNAL ~  Here’s another one that I always wish doing but can not keep religiously.  Writing a JOURNAL on a daily basis is a habit that’s worth keeping. I know that as you DO it day in and day out  – it becomes ‘therapeutic’  isn’t it? 🙂 One of the BEST things you can do is this  journaling thing – whether at the end of the day or maybe the start of each morning! As you continue to reflect on your daily activities – it teaches you lessons from the experiences, brings a smile or smirk as you recall some moments and gives you a perspective on how you can improve or be BETTER later on. Maybe after a few months or so, or even after a year or years – when you look back at this journal – it can reveal a lot of things that you may have taken for granted…. but will make you reflect on the WHYs and HOWs. Why did you do it? How did you do it?  Was it ALL worth it? Journaling provides you the details and somehow brings  clarity to what you were thinking  at that point in time. You could not have remembered EVERY detail  if you have not written down all your thoughts on that “something!” They say that blogging is one way of  putting into journal your ideas, your  thoughts and opinions, even maybe your  desires, frustrations and  just anything you want to say by writing them down.   Blogging is perhaps  a good reason for doing a journal.
  • WALKING is LIFE  ~ Put it simply, WALKING is my favorite  thing to do while clearing my thoughts or putting on a LOT of thoughts. Whichever or BOTH 🙂  I prefer to do it first thing in the morning as I stretch and find my way around our neighborhood. I like the simple feeling of walking plus isn’t  it a very uncomplicated and uncostly way to start your day! Walking gets our blood flowing. Gets our mind thinking. Gets us GOING!!!!! As you stride in and get that feel of the “morning sun” in your face or that “breath of fresh air” in your body – that’s heaven!  Add to it the different people you meet along the way, or the greeneries and blooms you see, and even those rare “slice-of-life” moments you can capture and snap while you walk. Walking is indeed one of the BEST pleasures  that I do now that I have stress-free mornings.  Walking gives me a different high and as I continue to walk , I think of various ways to inject some fun, variety and excitement to it! 🙂  ( Aside from walking – any other form of EXERCISE you engage in can help you also enjoy silence and quietness  – be it running, biking, swimming or maybe Pilates or Yoga. I  do PILATES 2x/week and it’s one of those things I can’t give up – definitely,  another happy pill for me,  a mind and mood-booster that keeps me strong, aligned and flexible. Plus of course, keeps me still for a while….much to my core’s advantage. 🙂 ).

Photo source: Pinterest

Enough said.  SILENCE is not an absence of ANYTHING but a presence of SOMETHING. It’s not an emptying of  ONE THING  but a filling-up of  MORE than that – it’s FULL of EVERYTHING!

Silence gives us the ANSWERS, if we ONLY listen. Do not merely hear but LISTEN well. Understand your thoughts. Keep quiet….be still. Have a good, humble silence.  It leads to RIGHT hearing, RIGHT thinking and  RIGHT understanding.

Enjoy the SILENCE as it lasts. Keep the LESSONS and get it from your soul  & heart! ♥♥♥

Have a happy life!


Proverbs 17-28....."Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent."