It’s THE middle of the year and we are CATCHING UP…..what?!?! 🙂 We are ending the month of JULY today. Uggghhh. So tomorrow we begin AUGUST, the so-called “ghost month” for some. Oh well.  AUGUST in our city pretty means a LOT – it signals the start of an almost month-long celebration of a very popular local festival – the KADAYAWAN Festival where flowers and fruits abound and locals show their gratefulness and appreciation for all the many blessings and bounty of the year. Why — it’s also been “one-of-a-kind” tourist attraction here. This time is really fun, vibrant and very colorful! Just like when we are embracing fully the month ahead with BIGGER, BETTER opportunities. Hopefully. And soon afterwards – we might probably hear the first Christmas carol for the year.  Awwww. I know we are getting there….and BOOM, 2018!!!!!

Time indeed flies and how…..surely the next few months after AUGUST are getting to be as exciting, too! Was it just the beginning of 2017 when I was looking forward to what GOD would have in store for ME – thinking really hard, pencil pushing, mind planning, checking, reading….AND searching — in a quite deep “retrospect” first and looking forward ( with a lot of questions on my mind…)  on how I will be able to spend the year 2017 in a different light… different perspective….in quite a different WORLD. So, I started to WRITE and have my own BLOG….and tried some freelance content writing on the side.  Still doing it though. 🙂 And the rest is slowly making a little bit of history. Yeah. And don’t forget the gardening – it was a pleasant discovery of the joys and inspirations of gardening this year, but that was not really planned! 🙂

Indeed – it’s that time of the year : MIDDLE of the YEAR  or simply MID YEAR.

What does MID YEAR mean to YOU? Some would easily think of “MID YEAR BONUS!” 🙂 Understandably so. For those who are gainfully employed ( well, I hope that 100% of them get it anyway….) — this is something that is eagerly anticipated. Sadly, for ME – it is just a thing of the past. Haha. 🙂 More often than not, this “midyear windfall” is rewarded to the eligible employees way before the middle of the year and now I begin to think WHY.

Honed by years of corporate experience – I am wont to doing my MidYear Performance Appraisal now.  Geeezzz! With a lot LESS of STRESS though. 🙂 Just for “personal consumption.” I believe this is a pretty good exercise. ANYONE could do it – even if you’re a student in school, engage in your own business or just coasting through retirement. This appraisal may or may not achieve want you want…but hey – it’s a damn good exercise for a start. It provides one with 2 OPTIONS : to go through what you plan and do everything to hit your goals, even surpass it and do some learnings on the side to help you out (Performance Development Planning). These learnings are not necessarily to be paid for – you can learn from others’ experiences, read a lot or do some self-study. That’s what most people do and that includes ME! 🙂 Maybe some goals didn’t do well as planned or for lack of a better term – FAILED! 😦 That’s what you have the 2nd option for : Performance Improvement Planning. What went wrong? Review, analyze, improve and innovate. Think of breakthroughs!?!? 🙂 CHANGE of plans? Maybe….maybe NOT. All up to you. Just think that FAILURE should NOT be an option again. Go and move forward!

First question to ASK:  Did we achieve the goals or KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) we set at the start of the year – the same way we do in the corporate world. Once the evaluation & simple analysis have been completed & we know what the results are (either positive or not — doesn’t really matter….)  —> then we can start again with a “clean slate” as it sort of psyches us up. That everything is going darn well and if we need to correct or improve somehow, we still have 5 months to MAKE it happen. Talk about changing plans or adjusting to tailor-fit what you know will MOST likely hit your personal targets! Or maybe, scrap all those goals altogether. But ALWAYS for a reason and for the better!

Alongside with this MID YEAR thing – there are 2 “constants” which I never FAIL to do when this time comes,  year in and year out :>

  • HEALTH CHECKs √ – Midyear signals my appointments to my opthalmologist and dentist (yes, along with my more regular (i.e., quarterly)  routine medical check-ups with my “cardio-slash-endocrinologist”….)
    Photo credit: Pinterest

    The good news is that my eyes remain well and I get to maintain my reading eyeglasses (see, no “corrective lenses” for almost 3 years in a row… 🙂 ) and my retina is in perfect condition. For this year – I also had minor dental fillings (for grinding too much of those M & S mint & toffee candies…) and other than that, the dental check-up went smoothly, too. Heaving a  sigh of relief plus thankfulness (especially that I am not with my company-issued healthcard now). All is good! 🙂

  • DOWNSIZING SPREEs  – I know –  quite late for “spring cleaning” but I was able to clear up my cabinet again this mid year and gave out tops, pants, shoes and bags to my sisters, my Mom (even) and “millennial” nieces. You know how fashion goes – definitely in a continuous cycle! 🙂 These are the stuff which are not that old really – some in fact were unused or slightly used. How truly liberating it is! 🙂
    Photo credit: Pinterest

    I’m pretty sure my love ones will find USE for them. But nope – I’m not making way for “spaces” for NEW stuff. If there’s something – like  maybe a top, shoes  or an accessory that will be brought in – it’s considered NOW  a “special purchase” for me. 🙂 My retirement for nearly a year and a half made trips to these retail shops along with their frequent promo (always with matching SMS to remind and entice me…) such a rarity nowadays. The Husband is VERY pleased. Ha!


Aside from the 2 constants — what am I also reminded of at this TIME of the YEAR : 

  • SALE everywhere  ⇐At the retail front – this month is also their time for “MID YEAR SALE.” Who doesn’t want a SALE? For the retailers – I guess this is more of a “Logistics-slash-Inventory” strategy to let go of their stocks accumulated through the 1st 6 months.

    Time for NEW styles, new stocks or even changing of brands or suppliers. For the customers – what they’ve been eyeing all along, a certain product or item – may come at half the price now or maybe even better such as in a “BUY 1, TAKE 1” PROMO. Lucky you!:) Who wouldn’t take ANY of these offers? I would ANYTIME…..but ONLY if I need to.  Oh, those midyear sales are just about anywhere which we couldn’t escape our eyes & pockets from.  My strategy: “persist-to-resist!” 🙂

  • TRIM, PRUNE, repeat  – Time to trim those leaves and prune those branches and check which plants  may need uprooting and re-planting. Check your garden and do some cutting-up to OPEN up new spaces! This is what I just did a few days ago and it was so timely! Gave me a “refreshing” feeling afterwards. The sight of the old, dried leaves and branches all stacked up in one BIG pile gave me a different kind of “contentment.” Simple joys! Maybe just like when we clean up our room or house and dispose  the “unwanted” stuff. Gives one a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment afterwards.  De-cluttering —  is that it?!?!
    …the stack of “UNWANTED” from the garden…

    Time to check ourselves, too. Do we need to be “trimmed” and “pruned” as well? What is it that you want OUT or cut off from your lives? Let go of all the bitterness, anxiety, anger,  worries, resentment and frustrations.  God’s Word is the PERFECT TOOL for pruning  and trimming our lives. Without meaning to – God’s Word sometimes is so sharp it can actually remove all  the “unwanted stuff” — the “dried-up leaves” and “criss-crossed branches” we have that hinder us from fluorishing and GROWING.   Once you’ve done this – you’d feel more ALIVE! Ready to BLOOM! YES, blooming with confidence and determination to bravely FACE the next 5 months of the year…..until that mid year comes again next!  🙂

         Have a HAPPY LIFE! 


    "Believe you can and you're halfway there..." ~Theodore Roosevelt